Heartland FM is a community resource, giving new opportunities to those living and working in the area. With local people actively involved in every aspect of the service, Heartland FM is able to contribute to life at the heart of Scotland. It is a tool for the community, run by the community. Read the job descriptions to see how you can get involved.

Lauren MurrayLauren Murray:

I first came to Heartland FM as part of my school work experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was on the radio and making adverts for the station. I then did my own radio show, which I did for 3 years. I didn’t have any expectations of what I would be doing, just a general interest in radio.

One of the most enjoyable parts was the chance to research new bands that I could introduce to my listeners. I learnt the technical studio skills that I needed. I met lots of interesting people of all ages and backgrounds; I had real responsibility and had a thoroughly good time that was rewarding and fun.

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