RickRick Boyce

I'm a thirty eight years old, married (To Karen an intensive care nurse) with four children(Matthew 14, Daniel 7 and my 4 year old twins Rachel & Jamie). I am an ex-serviceman (Royal Engineers), now working nights for a well know supermarket chain (Tesco, but don’t say that out loud). Like all types of music, particularly Country, 60s &70s. I like co hosting a live show on HFM as it is something that is completely different to anything i do usually, being live and unscripted you don't know what direction the show will take. I also have a kidney transplant (kidney failure being the reason I left the army). So in summary I am one of the faceless millions trying grab his three hours of fame alternate Saturday afternoons on Heartland FM, it has been said by many i do have a face for radio.

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