My name is Meg and I’m originally from Perth. My journey started for the love of music and going to see gigs and festivals at the fine age of 17. Although I grew up with the love of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Simon and Garfunkel and the Beatles to name but a few, I then went onto studying Music Management and then working for Moray Forth Radio for 6 years, where I did my VQ in Radio Broadcasting. I came back to Perth for a change and ended up working as a waitress thanks to the good old recession. However my dream to work in Radio was always in my heart and soul and was so lucky that Heartland Radio was near.

After getting the opportunity to come and do a show, my on-air journey began in 2014 and to my surprise I was given the opportunity to cover Breakfast and Drivetime. I also landed a one hour spot called ‘Meg’s Big Musical, Adventure’, showcasing some of the best unsigned and signed acts in the Scottish Music Industry. Sir Bruce, our Boss, gave me the opportunity to do my very own mid-morning show. I was incredibly honoured and excited, two years on and I am not going to lie, it’s been a hell of a bumpy ride, but after a little rest, it is time for a well needed change and a new and exciting challenge.

I love, love, love music, so expect the latest new music from the ‘Scottish Music Scene’ and beyond. A twist of pop and cheese, because we all love a bit of that! Not forgetting all the classics across all the years, and the different musical genres. Your contribution as our Heartland listeners, is so important to me and I get so excited hearing all your requests and chat.

The usual features will occur on Drivetime - Meg’s Country Kitchen, where you my friends are going to cook up a storm in a tea cup. Everybody loves food, and breaking bread amongst friends, family and loved one’s is even better.
The ‘Friday Mixtape’ - the sharing of music and poetry, because words are powerful and yet beautiful. Thought of the day, something to inspire and motivate the soul.

MegBeat The Clock is a feature that runs daily on my Drivetime show from 3.30pm everyday Tuesday until Friday.Your chance to test your knowledge and win some great prizes. All you have to do is answer 10 general knowledge questions in the one minute, 60 seconds, time given. The prize currently up for grabs is a 3 course dinner meal for two at the venue. If you would like to take part get in touch via Megs Facebook page Heartland FM Drivetime with Meg or email and leave you name and your number. Good luck.

My favourite spot has got to be ‘Cabin Sessions’. I really enjoy having guests on the show, whether it is poets, musicians or artists, all talking about topics that need to be discussed. It is always a great way to bring some much-needed hilarity and show interaction and involvement. A live music session does something to my heart and soul, it has a beautiful way of making the show come alive.

I have had many musical talents on my show before, with the likes of Tijuana Bibles, True Gents, Callum Campbell, Mo Evans & Stephanie Fraser and Michael Rattray to name but a few. My biggest highlight was interviewing Heather Small from M People, what an incredible woman and so inspiring! You never know who I might be interviewing next. Watch this magical space.

Coverage of all the great small Scottish summer festivals from Belladrum to Doune to the Rabbit Hole, are a great haven for finding music that is off the radar.

Competition Time - I will be running competitions to win tickets to go and see some of the best music and comedy in well-known venues across Perthshire.

MegRegular updates of traffic & travel and news & weather, plus of course your community what’s on will be a crucial part of Drivetime with Meg.

Things you may not know about me - I love to eat cookies in the middle of the night, yes, I am a cookie monster! I love the forest, the rivers, the mountains and the sea, yes, I do hug trees, climb them and sit on them! I love spring and summer, and walking with my bare feet with the grass amongst my toes, and on a hot summers day with the sand at my feet on a beautiful beach. I love food, hence my cooking spot, but I am a terrible cook! And my beautiful wee boy Sebastian, who inspires me and makes me laugh every day.

To end with - this is a new year and a new challenge for me, which I gladly accept. So, my beautiful friend’s old and new, I have missed you, come and join the madness, hilarity and mayhem with Meg, on Heartland FM! xx

If you have any stories that you would like to share that make people laugh out loud then let’s be hearing them. If you are a musician or an artist, poet or comedian, or a chef, and want to come on the show, then please do get in touch on the following links below.

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