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Hello and welcome to the "ITS RADIO...BUT NOT AS WE KNOW IT page 

This show celebrates the way radio used to sound and plays the music from the rock n roll years to today. That means it's mostly oldies ... but maybe not the same ones you'll hear everywhere else.  There were so many great songs that were only regional hits, in the US or Europe, or maybe weren't hits at all but would've been if they'd had the promotion and airplay. Add  some B sides, LP tracks and the best of the new and you've got "Its Radio But Not As We Know It - not JUST the hits...the greatest songs of all time". We hope you'll enjoy hearing the music as much as we enjoy playing it for you here on HEARTLAND FM.

My new favourite band ...The Pierces.

As Heartland FM has a proud tradition of supporting new music I thought I'd like to post on here when I hear something new -ish that really "sparkles".

It's been a while...too long...since I listened to an album  of new material all the way through, without hitting the "next" button. Short attention span, me.

It's been even longer since I listened to a new album and thought , as each track came on, "This is ...wonderful".

The album, which came out last year, is by the Pierces. It's the fourth from a duo of thirtysomething,  New York based, Alabama born sisters. They were on Jools Hollands' excellent TV show a couple of years ago and I thought - Hmm they're pretty good, I must investigate further. Then I got distracted by some other band, curse that short attention span.

So today I have just listened to their album "You And I" and you know what? Its the best thing I've heard in the last 12 months. What first grabbed my attention was the sisters harmonies, sometimes poppy, sometimes ethereal, always interesting , and perfectly in tune. The arrangements and production are excellent, real instruments played superbly, and a rich range of sounds and textures. The songs are all great too. No "fillers" here.

Early influences on the Pierces were Joni Mitchell and Simon and Garfunkel. Throw in early Heart, the Poppy Family, All About Eve, 60s sunshine pop, psychedelia and a zillion other good things into the mix and you have something really quite special, and highly original

Oh and check out their previous album,  2008's "13 Tales of Love and Revenge". Very quirky, and quite dark. "Boring" is one of the best lyrics I have heard in years, knowing and witty. The lovely "Secrets" sounds like its from a horror film and contains the line "Two can keep a secret...If one of them is dead".

I love this band. they remind me why I fell in love with music in the first place. Expect to hear a lot more of the Pierces in future editions of the show.

Even us 1970s survivors still love new music when it's a good as this.

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