CliveClive Bridges (Clive in The Country)

"Country in the Country" live every Friday evening 7.00 until 8.30pm.

Traditional country music at it’s very best. Presented for many years by Clive Bridges who integrates competitions, requests and dedications into this 90 minutes of solid stone country. If fiddles and steels are your thing this is where you’ll hear them. Not only are the golden oldies such as Messers Williams, Cash, Jones, Frizzel, and Misses Wells, Lynn, Cline, Wynette featured on a regular basis, but also the modern day artists such as Heather Myles, Joni Harms, Lonnie Spiker who are keeping real country music alive.

You’ll not find “Country Pop” churned out of Nashville on this show, just good old fashioned Honkey-Tonk, Western Swing, Bakersfield, Bluegrass and the occasional blast of foot-stomping Cajun.

Friday at 7pm is when the REAL DEAL hits the airwaves.

This programme is repeated same time the following Monday.

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