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Moonlight Drive - Thursdays 9pm till 10pm

Hello, and thanks for checking me out.

Well, after eight years of broadcasting my Thursday evening live show I still look forward to playing my tunes for the listening public of Highland Perthshire and beyond.

Over the years the formula has remained very similar to the early days which involves playing both old and new tunes that cover a number of genres. I am forever sourcing new stuff to play and like nothing more than uncovering a band you might not have been introduced to before and are glad I have brought them to your attention. I also take great delight in playing something from yesteryear that you had forgotten you liked from your younger days.

I have random guests on whose opinions differ from mine and often result in a healthy banter that makes for good radio. If you ever fancy coming on a live broadcast and playing a few tunes that are special to you then get in touch.’s lots of fun and probably the quickest hour of your life!

I’m thrilled that Heartland FM goes from strength to strength as the years tick by and very proud that the industry has recognised us for the quality broadcasting that happens each and every day. A massive thanks to those of you who voted and giving everyone concerned massive bragging rights.

You are welcome to get in touch during my show for requests and dedications or just to keep me company on a dark and cold’s always appreciated! Remember.....9 til 10 on a Thursday .

Take it easy, thanks for your support and listen out for the occasional special that I do....

Chris ‘Moonlight Drive’ Stanton

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